Sunday, March 27, 2011


So Spring Break is over. I personally think it ended when Paul, Lisa, Julie, and Mark left. Hmmm but I have to say that I had a lot of fun this week! We went Island Park as a family and stayed in a cabin up there. Dad rented some snow machines and we tore up the snow up there! There were only 6 snow machines and 7 drivers, so we fought over driving single. Just kidding! The only blood shed on the trip was by Scott. He had to get 5 or 6 stitches after (riding with Paul) biting all the way thru his lip. Poor kid huh? Well he will have a good story later for high school and everything. I did suggest putting an earring thru I got some dirty looks for suggesting that so I guess its a no go. There was a TON of snow up there and it still snowed while we were up there. And lets see....the only things we broke up there was Mark's snow machine belt, a shovel, a stop sign, at least a couple good sized tree branches, and a wooden toy snow machine! I learned how to play Killer Bunnies over the break also. A REALLY fun game in my opinion but can kind of drag on after a while. I ran over a stop sign while snow machining. Okay its NOT what you think it is. In my defense the snow was almost covering the stop signs. Speaking of crashing a snow machine, we had quite a few the first day having those machines. Most of us I don't think have ever driven one before this trip. One crash by Dad, a couple times getting stuck by Paul and Mark and me and Lisa, etc. Lisa almost killed me against a tree, I crashed or was involved in at least 2, all of us have had times getting stuck or anything to that effect. Julie and my Mom were VERY proud about being the only 2 people (I think) that never crashed into anything. Mom was riding with me at on point and I think I scared her for life. Bumps and speed combined I don't think are Mom's thing. I found that after snow machining pretty much all day makes me VERY tired. UP there I personally loved sleeping, hot showers, hot food, a good book, movies, Killer Bunnies, etc....Wow what a great trip. Well I can't write down everything that happened. But I think up there we all had a great time. Also on the way home we stopped at Big Judds and ate lunch. Paul and Mark both took on the challenge of the double burger! It made me sick just watching them but they did finish it both! After coming home everything wasn't so great though. Old and new frustrations came out and things weren't very smooth with everyone. Lol Okay that's a little under estimated! After playing Baker Uno and watching Gilligan's Island everything started to go down hill. Julie ended up leaving early to stay with the Hansens in Utah because things got so bad with Dad and Mom. -Sigh- I love my parents but sometimes....they don't get whats going on. When Julie finally told them about how she felt along with everything else, Dad blew her off. And lets say Mom didn't help any either. Sorry you most likely don't want to hear about my family problems. I have to say that if anyone actually thinks my family is "prefect." They are crazy. Completely crazy. -SIgh- Well that's what happened during my Spring Break. Fun and exciting except for the end part. Okay with some other parts too. Till next week!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Mission Call!

Paul got his mission call! He is going to the Mexico, Mexico City North Mission!
You may remember this place....

Or this...

Maybe this rings a bell?...

Well I'm very excited for Paul and what he is going to be doing for about the next 2 years. He leaves on the 22nd of June...I was very surprised when Paul read where he was going. But I know its where the Lord wants him. Everyone is home right now, except for Rob because he had to work, for Spring Break! We are planning on going to Island Park tomorrow, rent snow machines, soak in the hot tub there...HECK YEAH! I am VERY excited to have everyone home. Its like having sunshine after a very long winter. Well I am expecting Dad to come hounding to get me into bed, until next week when I have new news!

Friday, March 18, 2011


I was going thr some of my stuff today and found some good quotes I wrote done a LONG time ago...

"What is normal?"
-NO one is normal, because everyone and everything is different. No one can really be normal!" -Anonymous
"You can't get what you want unless you get what you need."
-Mick Jagger
"Fantasies are more than subtitles for an unpleasant reality; they are also dress rehearsals-plans. All acts performed in the world begin in the imgination."
-Barbara Grizzuti Harison
"The best girt you can give, is what you are everyday."
-Eric Pollard
"Plan ahead, it wasn't raining when Noah built the ark."
"The most beautiful four letter word in the world starts with a "L."
-Eric Pollard/Anonymous?
"I use to think anyone doing anything werid was. NOw I know tha it's the people that call others werid that are werid." -Paul McCartney

Sunday, March 13, 2011


Hey I'm alive! Gina hasn't killed me quite yet with missing 2 of my dances! So I had piano festival Saturday and....I got a superior! So did Natalie, Scott, Lindsey, and David! When I got down there and was checking in, I was almost immediately put unto a piano in front of a judge. Pretty good looking one I have to say too...Lol anyhow I messed up and didn't do the best I could have but still got a superior. Afterwords I rushed off to my dance competition. Alright don't judge me, so it was in Idaho Falls and well...I started driving towards American Falls. Almost complete different direction too I might add. I know Idaho Falls but for some reason I was thinking that it was around the place where we go water skiing. Lol I was already pressing for time and this...hahaha mistake didn't really help me out. Then I kind of got lost getting there. I had directions but I kept thinking that they were wrong. If I would have kept going I would have gotten there and NOT turned around, I would have been fine. But not me, I turned around and got there even later. How did my competition go you might ask? WEll to tell the truth I'm not sure. I didn't do MY best but my team I don't know yet. It wsa VERY tiring and I thought I might pass out at times but I didn't. I was able to get home okay. I just wish I could have stopped at the temple before I went home. That would have been nice to do. My calves are killing me right now. Walking in high heels while being pretty darn sore doesn't help much. Day light savings was today! I got 8ish hours of sleep last night and I still feel like crap. Guess that goes with the package right? Oh we have a new dancer in my hip-hop class. What a pimp! Can I tell you that Older Gage makes DJ and younger Gage look like want-a-bes? Gage was at the competition I was able to talk to him and he seems like a good kid. Good lookin to boot even if he has some tatoes. Classes are going good. In some of them I swear I'm the butt of every joke that people throw out. AND when I try to DEFEND myself lol I'M the one that gets yelled at! Oh well! Hey I have a blast in those classes because...its THAT class. Oh in math (this is one of those classes) I sit by this kid James. HOLY CRAP! Dude can I say that he tells jokes that NEVER make sense? Except some of his sexis jokes about girls....anyhow fun class just because of Vinny, JAmes, Clark, Brigham, and everyone else. Its feels like spring! At least yesterday and today did! Whoo hoo progess for Idaho! Knock on wood! Paul got his mission call but he is not opening it until he are together as a family! Pretty pumped! Family fast today...I am actually not really hungry and anything. Just basically tired and worn out. Tell next week everyone!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Some of my favorite things!

You can't beat Beauty and the Beast, flowers, family, dance, playing music, and sunsets!


I felt HORRIBLE looking at my blog! Completely empty for 2011...yes the slacker is back. So what has happened in the last couple months? Well dance competitions are here finally! I had my first one last Saturday and I had a blast. It left me really drained and still having to work at the office after that workout...well not the greatest. I have been feeling pretty tired and sick since there but hey that's not enough to stop me! [: I have to say that my teams are coming together. I am in Senior Hip-Hop and Extreme (but only on Thursday nights), I really can't believe I haven't written that yet! Its a bit frustrating at times with some of my team mates but...that's dance. Anyhow schools going great. The 3rd trimester is here with no more Yarno or McDowell! Its AMAZING how much better the day is without them! INCREDIBLE! My hard classes are mostly behind me so I'm not expecting a very hard tri. Also some pretty cool news to report....I aced all my classes! Hey with a couple teachers hating my guts in all that, its pretty sweet that I pulled that off! Piano Festival is coming up this next weekend, along with another dance competition. Wow talk about stress and NO energy to spare. I had to tell Dad that I couldn't do the office...that will definitely help alot. I am still not sure how all of that is going to happen but hey! That's the adventure! If I don't end up making the competition because of piano, well...that's what is going to happen. No way am I going to miss that one. Idaho weather hasn't decided quite what season we are in yet. Julie and Rob are in Texas, with Julie's bar behind her. I ripped or torn both of my hamstrings about 1 or 2 weeks ago. Choir is lots of fun and I have made and renewed LOTS of friendshpis. The performances we did a few weeks ago were really fun too! I think I have a "thing" for performing cause wow its like when I get on stage, everything falls away. It feels great! Very rewarding if you ask me! Really the only thing I'm confused or frustrated at right now is friends. Love all of them to death but people like Nick...well its a different story. Nasty thing to say but right now I'm very tired of being people's energy bunny or battery. Its gotten better over the last couple days but still I don't like feeling like I am the person that always ends up making that person happy about life....Is that wrong to say? Maybe, but hey who cares! Its my mind and body on the line. Nick is...hard to talk to. We knew each other last year too and even then it wasn't good. Too much history, past feelings, bad endings and beginnings....well they don't go so well together. Alot of times I think things bulid and build and eventually it blows. Lol and most of the time its me being me is the cause. The fact that Nick has gone out with so many people (including me some what at one time) and with him being single at the it sets me on the edge. And to the truth, I don't really trust Nick all the way. He can sometimes get under my guard and I really REALLY try for that not to happen. Oh well! But I really have to say I have enjoyed getting to know Clark, Vinny, Kimmy, etc. better over the last couple weeks. Its nice to able to be around people that make me happy. Just thinking about Teddy, Brigham, Faith....Lol makes me smile! love those kinds of people! WELL how to end this? I'll try to write more?....Hahaha its hard to write everything that's happened because then you have to write why, what you thought at the time, etc.....hmmm see my problem? And with my head in the mix...-shudder- not good. Happy New Eve, Valentines, Presidents Day....ummm what else did I miss? LOl till next week!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Good Movie

Alright I have to say something else about my trip to Nebraska. We went to Tangled the Disney movie that's out right now! Ahhh wow I think you all need to see it! My Mom even liked it and trust me she isn't one that loves Disney movies. Anyhow I just wanted to say my peace on it and tell you that its a good one if you're looking for a good movie to watch this holiday! Watch the horse and camille in the movie cause they are hilarious! Anyhow happy holidays everyone!